• Construction project management

    “FEZ Project management” Ltd provides construction project management services:

    >  Representing the client while processing the documents and intermediating in various institutions;
    >  Supervision of projection process;
    >  Technical analysis of the project;
    >  Organizing the construction work – formation of work execution plan, work execution schedule;
    >  Analysis of construction expenditure and the establishment of its validity;
    >  Supervision and coordination of everyday construction work;
    >  Formulation of construction’s required documentation;
    >  Inspection and admission of contractor’s executed work;
    >  Project execution following agreement’s conditions;
    >  Helping a client while solving unexpected problems;

    >  Handing in the finished building to State committee.

  • Construction technical supervision

    “FEZ Project management” Ltd is executing building’s technical supervision by following construction technical reglamentation STR 1.09.05:2002 which defines building’s construction technical supervision as builder’s (client’s) organized building’s construction supervision (from building’s construction starting point to recognizing that it is appropriate to use), which goal is – control whether a building is built following building’s project, does it meet the requirements of construction contract agreement (when the construction uses contract method), other law legislations, normative construction technical documents, normative building’s safety, documents of purpose and laws.

  • Project management

    “FEZ Project management” Ltd is a certified company with a right to execute building projection and building, and a part of building construction work.


    Building categories: special buildings.
    Groups of buildings: residential buildings, nonresidential buildings, engineering networks, water supply and wastewater removal.

    Areas of projectile work:
    >  Plot arrangement (plot plan);
    >  Architecture, constructions;
    >  Water supply and wastewater removal;
    >  Heat production (up to 1 MW power), heating;
    >  Ventilation and air conditioning;
    >  Electrotechnique (up to 1000 V voltage);
    >  Security alarm, fire alarm;
    >  Process management and automatization;
    >  Setting of construction estimated price.

    Areas of construction work:
    >  Ground work;
    >  Building and mounting of building constructions (reinforced concrete, concrete, masonry);
    >  Finishing works;
    >  Building’s interior and exterior water supply and wastewater removal;
    >  Heating of buildings;
    >  Ventilation, air conditioning;
    >  Electrotechnique works (up to 1000 V voltage);
    >  Engineering system management (automatization).

  • Project planning

    “FEZ Project management” Ltd provides project planning services:

    >  Solving technical and organizational questions by doing different tasks at once or one after another;

    >  Correction of staff’s safety and health tools according to work process and emerged changes, and to the set technologies in construction work project;

    >  Execution and coordination of set requirements in construction site and during building’s construction after a contractor submits a construction work technological project;


    >  Controlling employers and freelancers in order to ensure order and cleanness in construction site, appropriate workplace arrangement, storage space installation;


    >  Controlling employers and freelancers in order to ensure technical supervision of work equipment and equipment;


    >  Controlling contractors and subcontractors in order to ensure that the law of Republic of Lithuania of employee safety and health and other law legislations, regulating safety and health at work, are being followed;


    >  Participating in organized safety and health at work meetings in construction site;


    >  Filling in construction coordination journal.

  • Consultations

    “FEZ Project management” Ltd provides consulting services.

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